2023 Legislative Agenda

Real Solutions that Improve Student Learning!

1.   Authorize Universal Education Savings Accounts for all Florida K-12 students and expand parental choice options and eligibility Family Empowerment and Hope Scholarships to home education.

2.   A Harmful to Minors materials bill to strengthen Florida’s Obscenity chapter 847 for Minors; to prevent exposure to pornographic and sexually explicit material. These materials harm children and potentially groom them to be trafficked.

3.   Expand 2022 HB 1557 to include pre-k, grades 4-8 and find a way to prohibit District Counselors and psychologists from circumventing HB 1557

4.   A strong Opt-In bill putting parents in control of their child’s education. Among other things such a bill would allow parents to prevent their children from being exposed to sexually explicit materials being used in the classroom or recommended on any k-12 reading list.

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5.   Give voters in Florida School Districts the lawful ability to recall school board and elected Superintendents.

6.   A state requirement that every school district must have a supplemental materials policy that requires any material used in the classroom to adhere to FS 1003.42, FS Chapter 847 and FS 1006.28, FS 1006.283, and all Florida Child Abuse Statutes (FS Chapter 827).

7.   Expand technical education and apprentice opportunities for high school students.

8.   Legislature to create a “whistle-blower” program to be administered by the Dept of Education Inspector General that protects the anonymity of district teachers and parents from district retribution.

9.   Installing video cameras in public school classrooms, at sporting events and at school sponsored meetings on school property.

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