CALL TO ACTION: Act today and share with your friends and networks to protect our children from porn in public schools

On Friday , Feb 11 Florida Citizens Alliance issued this Press Release with over thirty (30) supporting partners, calling on Florida Speaker Sprowls and Senate President Simpson to protect our children with this open letter to Florida residents. So far… “crickets”. So we are asking all of our Florida Citizens Alliance supporters and extended strategic partners and friends to help get their attention with this petition. We want them to act now during this Legislative cycle.

Here is the open letter sent Friday, Feb 11 as a press release:

Subject: Open Letter to Florida Speaker Sprowls and Senate President Simpson

Why have you decided NOT to protect our public-school children from sexually explicit material and age -inappropriate gender indoctrination of Florida’s young children?

Today in the legislature. Courageous Representative Borrero with full support of Vice Chair McClain has filed HB 1305 “Harmful for Minors” and Senator Baxley has filed SB 1842, a comparable bill “Reproductive Health and Disease Education.” So far in both chambers, you have refused to allow these bills to be scheduled for a fair hearing. Given next week is week 6, the only way forward for you to protect our children from these Harmful Materials is for you to provide the leadership to either include in respective committee bills or attach to a relevant bill that is moving.

HB 1305 has 3 significant elements:

  1. It fixes several loopholes in FS 847.012 and 847.001 that school districts exploit to push their sexually explicit agenda.
  2. It contains a very strong parental opt-in, putting parents in control of what sexually explicit materials their children are exposed to.
  3. It provides parents with a legal course of action if unsuccessful in their schools.

SB 1842 contains a very strong parental opt-in, putting parents in control of what sexually explicit and age-inappropriate materials their children are exposed to.

Florida Citizens Alliance (FLCA), a statewide not-for-profit, with the legal assistance of Pacific Justice Institute, has recently updated a detailed assessment of 58 books and novels used throughout Florida public schools. To read this report, you must agree that you are over 18 years of age to even open the Harmful Materials Report, yet these sexually explicit and age-inappropriate materials are prevalent in our public schools.

Background: FLCA has been fighting to protect our children from these types of materials for over 6 years. When confronted with the materials almost every legislator, regardless of party, readily admit many of these should not be in public schools. Yet leadership fails to have the courage to act. Several sheriffs have indicated that if you or I were to go on school property to distribute some of these, we would be arrested for distributing child pornography or child abuse. Yet there has been little or no action by the legislature, most Sheriffs or State Attorneys.

Grooming our Children to be sex trafficked. Florida has the 3rd highest rate of sex trafficking in nation. According to a study by the Crimes Against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire, 93% of boys and 62% of girls are exposed to pornography before age 18. Young children who view pornography frequently disengage from their family and start to isolate more and often become withdrawn, sullen or depressed. Our school districts should not be aiding abetting these sexually explicit materials in public schools.

The left accuses us of wanting to ban books. This is an accusation with no basis in fact or reality. It’s a smear.

In the first place Florida has obscenity laws for minors, age 18 and below (FS 847.012 and FS 847.001), that make it a 3rd degree felony to distribute “any book, pamphlet, magazine, printed matter however reproduced, or sound recording that contains any matter defined in s. 847.001, explicit and detailed verbal descriptions or narrative accounts of sexual excitement, or sexual conduct and that is harmful to minors.”

More importantly, this is a simple matter of protecting our children from harmful materials. Every day we protect our school children from guns, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and other things that are prohibited for minors in our public schools. They also need our protection from harmful materials.

Governor DeSantis, these materials involving the sexual exploitation and obvious destruction of family values are equally if not more damaging to children than Critical Race Theory. Marxists and leftist ideologues use materials like this to destroy our families and Constitutional Republic. We urge you to provide the leadership we need so the Florida Legislature will protect our children.

Original signed by:

Rick Stevens and Keith Flaugh, Florida Citizens Alliance

Florida Groups supporting:

  • Pacific Justice Institute
  • The America Project
  • Proclaiming Justice to the Nation
  • Christian Family Coalition
  • Defend Florida
  • Action for Life
  • Volusia 912
  • The Prism of America’s Education
  • Florida Republican Assembly
  • We the People of Northeast Florida
  • Martin 912 Tea Party Committee
  • Manatee Patriots
  • Conservative Business Journal, John Di Lemme
  • Republican Women SWFL Federated
  • Prayer On The Square- Ed Wilson
  • Save Our Schools America
  • Estero Republic Club
  • Florida Right To Life
  • Moms For America- Rebekah Ricks
  • Moms For Medical Freedom
  • Florida Patriots with a Purpose, Tracy Main
  • Lynda Bell
  • Florida Patriots with a Purpose
  • Lane Watkins
  • Dr. Karen L. Gushta, Broward FLCA.
  • Broward County Right to Life Foundation
  • Lori Bontell, Medical Freedom Coalition Board and
  • Florida Republican Assembly Political Outreach Coordinator
  • Republican Liberty Caucus Florida
  • Kids First Lead County
  • Kids First St Lucie County
  • Winter Haven 912
  • The Florida Conservatives
  • American History in the Raw (AHR) Nancy Randolph
  • Women Impacting the Nation


Please use the petition below to demand Speaker Sprowls and President Simpson act NOW. Our children’s future liberty and safety depend on them.

NOTE REGARDING PETITION: Your impact will be greater if you take a few minutes to write your own subject and rewrite some of the email message to be in your own words. Leaders and their staffs tend to pay less attention to emails that are identical copies of what they’ve seen before. But if you take the time to change it (or at least SOME of it), it indicates that you care enough about the issue to spend some time constructing your message.


NOTE: if you submit the petition via a mobile device and receive an “invalid email” message, please make sure you’re manually entering all the petition form fields (not using auto-fill of any kind). If the problem persists, please try again on a computer. We are aware of the mobile device issue and are working to fix it as soon as possible.

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