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KIDS FIRST team members are local FLCA representatives who communicate, organize, and advocate our mission of student choice and liberty. With your help, we can reach communities across the state and guarantee parents a voice in the education conversation. FLCA needs your help to fulfill our mission of educating and empowering parents, teachers, and students.

A KIDS FIRST member is a volunteer. We encourage that our volunteers work no more than 5-10 hours per month. We strongly encourage a small donation of $3 a month, less than your coffee each morning, because nothing is more important than your child’s education. 

Note: Not a single member of our board takes a salary. 

Starting a KIDS FIRST Team

As a growing organization, there are many Florida school districts that do not have an organized KIDS FIRST team yet. If this applies to you and your neighborhood, not to worry! This is a unique opportunity to start a KIDS FIRST team and blaze the trail for education reform in your area.

In order to facilitate the strongest team and make the biggest change in your community, here are some tips to ensure your success.

  1. Having a variety of professions and skill sets on your team is key. We suggest you try to include several parents with a mix of middle and high school students, one homeschool parent, a business person with marketing skills, at least one clergy/church elder, and possibly a lawyer with kids in public schools.
  2. Agree on your local focus. This may include Florida's failing grading system, CRT, the undermining of our Constitutional values, maintaining religious freedoms, and stopping pornography in schools.
  3. Meet with your Superintendent, School Board, and local state legislator to try to build a relationship with them.
  4. IF you find revisionist or sexually explicit materials in the classroom:
    1. Write a letter to your School Board and Superintendent.
    2. Call a press conference and use the media to make more parents and grandparents aware. 
    3. If necessary, file formal complaints or Public Records requests.
    4. Meet with local, like-minded groups in your community to share important facts and solutions.
  5. Promote parental school choice, Florida scholarships, and homeschooling. Healthy competition is the only way to break the school district government monopolies.
  6. Promote classical virtual schools like Freedom Project Academy and classical private schools, but be careful, as many private and even faith-based schools are promoting Common Core and the materials above.

Keep at it

Keep at it – this is not a simple effort. As you find harmful materials, use them to engage more parents and community members, bringing more pressure on your school board to get rid of offending materials.

Kids First program

The Power of Collaboration

Again, the fundamental concept behind KIDS FIRST is a nonpartisan coalition of local, like-minded groups who team together to provide improved education solutions. Special efforts should be made to include Moms for Liberty, Defend Florida, Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, like-minded political groups, churches, etc. 

Become a KIDS FIRST member!

To become a KIDS FIRST member, fill out the form, and our Program Coordinator will connect you with a team in your area. With minimal time each month, joining our mission means pledging to better your school system and each student’s life. 

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